BIC Startups will organize a ten week workshop program to equip incubates with knowledge and skills required to successfully commercialize their startup ideas. The training focuses on various topics that will be crucial in the development of a startup. The training is based upon a standardized incubation curriculum used by modern business incubators across the globe.

Workshop Contents

The workshop covers the essential latest concepts like the business model canvas, market research, financial plan, marketing plan, prototype building, testing, and so on. The focus of the workshops will be lean startups and frugal innovation. The idea is to start lean and frugal to come up with a minimum viable product and then work on the product only if there is real market need established through market validation.

Why participate in Incubation Workshop?

Most of the entrepreneurial undertakings fail due to various reasons. However, the most significant reason is because entrepreneurs have product ideas that do not have market needs. When there is no need for such a product or service, no matter how good it is, it is destined to fail. The model of lean startup, frugal innovation and MVP are highly relevant to test the assumptions of the entrepreneur before launching the startup in full swing. Therefore, incubation workshops are highly valuable to entrepreneurs.

Activity based learning

The incubation workshop that BIC Startups organizes are completely activity based workshops which require you to get your hands dirty. These workshops are not classes full of theoretical lectures. Rather they are pragmatic and action-oriented facilitated sessions which will allow the participants to work on their ideas under the guidance of the expert coaches.

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