Meraki – Made with Love

Meraki is a small scale business which plans to provide authentic high quality customized art and services at a reasonable price. Nepal has a very limited art market but a huge population with keen interest in art and Meraki addresses the missing gaps that connect art with people and give life to imagination. The Co-Founders of this venture are: Er. Manisha Tiwari, Ms. Sabnam Shrestha, and Ms. Ranju Poudel.


Meraki opted out of pitching in the DEMO Day as it didn’t require seed funds.


Products & Services:

  • Customized Art Services including Wall Painting and Commissioned Art
  • Art workshops and Exhibitions
  • Customized Art Products (Printed t-shirts, Cups, Pillowcases, Phone cases, Bullet journals, Birthday cards,  Digital prints)



Instagram (from_meraki):

Phone Number: 9861394459/9817290227

Email: [email protected]


Kagaz is an innovative business based upon the concept of repurposing the answer sheets that are by-products of the exam department of every academic institution and creating copies from them. The outcome is environment-friendly copies at a reasonable price for students. The founder of Kagaz is Ms. Bidya Bhattarai.


Kagaz opted out of pitching on DEMO Day.

Rangeen Zindagi

Rangeen Zindagi is an online bakery shop providing hygienic cakes and a variety of beautiful gifts. It also provides birthday and anniversary celebration packages. With the slogan to “Decorate Your Life With Colour Of Happiness”, it delivers its product and services right to the homes of its customers. The Founder of Rangeen Zindagi is Mr. Bishnu Bhattarai.



Instagram: @rangeenzindagi01

Phone Number: 9824283233

Email: [email protected]

Shine Up

Shine up is a phenyl manufacturing company producing quality phenyl with different fragrance for households as well as organisational use. Its vision is to focus on customer satisfaction and loyalty in delivering cleaning products for commercial use. The Founder of Shine Up is Mr. Narayan Pandey.


Aarshi is an event management company that combines organizational skills and experience to provide expert services in organizing birthdays and weddings. It specialises in providing balloon styling, theme party planning, and decoration of engagements, weddings, and birthdays. The offerings of Aarshi are: Birthday Package, Wedding Package, and Surprises. Aarshi is co-founded by three entrepreneurs: Ms. Roja Subedi, Ms. Smriti Bishwokarma, and Ms. Anita Tamang.


Instagram Page :

Phone Number : 9844976850

Email : [email protected]

The FitFashion Gym

The FitFashion Gym is a fitness center that provides services to support its customers’ fitness goals like weight loss, muscle gain, reduce body pain and teach them how to maintain an overall healthy lifestyle. Located at Gaindakot-4, Nawalpur, it is accessible for both Ward No 4 and 5. It offers weight training and cardio as its core services. 

The Founder of The FitFashion Gym is Mr. Chandan Biswokarma who is also the Winner of several beauty pageants: Man of the World Nepal 2018; Man of the Universe Nepal 2019; and he is also the beauty pageants Choreographer.



Phone Number:  9821841951

Email: [email protected]


Finantellect Investment Pvt. Ltd. is an Investment company registered under Company Act 2063. It advocates personal financial education by educating and counseling youths about financial literacy and wealth management with the help of research-driven money management and long term investment skills through the help of various courses and seminars.

A personal finance research and investment firm, Finantellect is committed to making money with professional financial management and investment. With a team of experts in stock investment and trading, Finantellect is managing a portfolio of 35 lakhs raised from its 25 shareholders. The founding members are: Aashish Bhusal, Sugam Aryal, Sanjog Pathak, Niraj Aryal, Manish Kandel, Sheela Neupane, and Santosh Acharya.


Facebook Page:


Email: [email protected]

Nexus Tech Solution

Nexus Tech Solution provides a package of technical solutions suitable primarily for industrial and commercial sites and secondarily on residential sites as well.  The package includes mechanical, electrical and plumbing services as per the needs of clients. The Founder of Nexus Tech Solution is Er. Utsav Sapkota.





Sarwottam Mushrooms

With a vision to supply fresh mushrooms to the locality of Bharatpur on a sustainable basis, Sarwottam Mushroom Farm is committed to deliver what it promises. This venture has already been in operation for 1 year and it looks forward to scaling its business model to grow and expand into a corporate business.

Sarwottam advocates on the health benefits of mushrooms and is looking to disrupt the current value chain of the mushroom supply with its organically grown mushrooms. The Co-Founder of this venture is Mr. Sayal Pandey and Mr. Saksham Shrestha where Mr. Saksham has now parted with the venture. 

Facebook Page: 

Creative Deal Urban Farming

Creative Deal is based upon the idea of growing your own vegetables utilising the space in the rooftop, balcony, and the likes in urban areas. Committed to initiate a next stage of urban farming, Creative Deal provides customised designs to harness the rooftop spaces into a botanical garden that supplies fresh vegetables to the families organically. With expertise in engineering and designs, its Founder Ms. Manisha Bhandari aims to build a semi automatic greenhouse to optimize production. At the moment, the venture is merchandising products related to urban farming.





Eco-poshak is a baby clothing company which aims to produce organic cotton clothes for babies. It is a venture initiated by a team of four co-founders all of which are business administration undergraduates. With a vision to provide the safest clothes for babies, this team has conducted extensive research on how to start a clothing company for newborn babies. They want to create a brand for baby clothing with superior quality textile and authentic designs. The Co-Founders of Eco-Poshak are Ms. Gita Gautam, Mr. Nischal Dhakal, Mr. Niraj Kandel and Mr. Suraj Upadhyaya.


Gharko Kosheli

Gharko Koseli is an agri-based startup venture that works in post-harvest processing. This startup is based on the idea of marketing dehydrated vegetables and agri-products. The key products include Gundruk, Dried Radish, Cauliflower, and Bitter Gourd. The abundant production of seasonal vegetables are utilized for use in the dry season.



  • Dehydrated Bitter Gourd
  • Dehydrated Radish
  • Gundruk

Team Profile:

  1. Samiksha Uparkoti
  2. Sangkriti Poudel
  3. Sangpu Shakya

Link to company’s social media page / Website:


Eco- Juice Pipes

Eco-Juice Pipes provides an organic alternative to the plastic and steel based juice pipes for sipping juices and soft drinks. The venture is led by a team of agro-scientists who are working in finding out the right variety of barley straw that can provide the juice pipes of useful size and texture.


Products & Services:

  • Juice Pipes


Team Profile:

  1. Pratibha Sah
  2. Khushi Ram Lamsal
  3. Rashmishree Singh



Kishan is a venture that aims to promote organic fertilizers and pest killers to provide long-term value to farmers as well as safeguard their soils. The rampant use of pesticides is harmful for the farm and thus, this venture led by a team of agro-scientists offers an organic alternative.


Products & Services:

  • Vermicompost
  • Panchagavya
  • Bio-Insecticide 


Team Profile:

  1. Nawaraj Pandey
  2. Shristi Siwakoti
  3. Rohit Kumar Sah
  4. Jeshish Ojha
  5. Priya Karna


Second Mart Online

Second Mart is an online marketplace for buying and selling new-like clothes and shoes. This venture solves a problem to utilize the unnecessary garments in the wardrobe that are too dear to dump. On the buyer’s side, it helps them to purchase wearable clothes at a cheaper price. This venture is based upon the concept of thrifting expensive fashion items.


Products & Services:


  • Male shoes
  • Jackets



  • Kiran Gurung



Workaholic is the provider of co-working space and virtual office for the diverse range of clientele ranging from individual freelancers to corporate firms wanting to expand their operations in Chitwan. Workaholic is an ideal place for entrepreneurs, investors, freelancers, and corporations to come together and realize their aspirations in a cost-effective manner.


Products & Services:

  • Dedicated Workspace
  • Flexible Workspace


Team Profile:

  • Swarnim Jung Ghimire
  • Sandesh Dhakal