Nexus Tech Solution

Nexus Tech Solution provides a package of technical solutions suitable primarily for industrial and commercial sites and secondarily on residential sites as well.  The package includes mechanical, electrical and plumbing services as per the need of clients. 

  • Varied packages of mechanical, electrical and plumbing services
Team Profile

Er Utsav Sapkota

Founder Director
Contact Details
Phone Number: 9855012011 / 9869246506
Email: [email protected]

Total Team Size (Including Staffs): 1

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Sarwottam Mushrooms

With a vision to supply fresh mushrooms to the locality of Bharatpur on a sustainable basis, Sarwottam Mushroom Farm, is committed to deliver what it promises. This venture has already started its operation by producing the first batch of fresh mushrooms and took them to the market. Now, this venture looks forward to scaling its business model to grow and expand into a corporate business.

Sarwottam advocates on the health benefits of mushrooms and is looking to disrupt the current value chain of the mushroom supply.

  • Organically grown mushrooms
Team Profile

Saksham Shrestha


Sayal Pandey


Total Team Size (Including Staffs): 2

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Creative Deal

Creative Deal is based upon the idea of growing your own vegetables utilising the space in the rooftop, balcony, and the likes in urban areas. Committed to initiate a next stage of urban farming, Creative Deal team members provide customised designs to harness the rooftop spaces into a botanical garden that supplies fresh vegetables to the families organically. With expertise in engineering and designs, she is planning to build a semi automatic greenhouse to optimize production. 

      • Urban garden designing and installation
      • Merchandising products related to urban farming
Team Profile

Manisha Bhandari
Founder Director

Total Team Size (Including Staffs): 1
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Eco-poshak is a baby clothing company which aims to produce organic cotton clothes for babies. It is a venture that is run by a team of four co-founders all of which are business administration undergraduates. With a vision to provide the safest clothes for babies, this team has conducted extensive research on how to start a clothing company for newborn babies. They want to create a brand for baby clothing with superior quality textile and authentic designs.

      • Baby clothes for newborn babies
Team Profile

Gita Gautam
Quality Control Head

Nischal Dhakal
Research & Development Head

Niraj Kandel
Marketing Head

Suraj Upadhyaya
Finance Head

Total Team Size (Including Staffs): 4


Finantellect Investment Pvt. Ltd. is an Investment company registered under Company Act 2063. It advocates personal financial education by educating and counseling youths about financial literacy and wealth management with the help of research-driven money management and long term investment skills through the help of various courses and seminars.
A personal finance research and investment firm, Finantellect is committed to make money with professional financial management and investment. With a team of seven dedicated professionals, Finantellect has grown in the right direction in a short span of time. This team has already created a remarkable online presence through its website and its Facebook page.


      • Equity Investment
      • Personal Finance & Stock Market Training
Team Profile

Aashish Bhusal
Chairman / Chief Investment Strategist

Sugam Aryal
Chief Executive Officer

Sanjog Pathak
Investment Manager/CFO

Niraj Aryal
Director/ Investment Analyst

Manish Kandel
Chief Marketing Officer

Sheela Neupane
Company Secretary

Santosh Acharya