BIC Startups is a place where entrepreneurs come together to work together. This place will be a great way to connect with the like-minded individuals and work towards your goals. Entrepreneurs do not have to come to an incubation centre to become successful entrepreneurs. Many entrepreneurs have done without it. However, coming to the incubation centre is a great way to work on your entrepreneurial ideas. Why do people go to the gym house, when they can workout at their home? A gym house is a place where everyone has gathered for a common goal, to get fit. Seeing fellow trainees’ workout motivates us to workout harder or more effectively. Likewise, BIC Startups is a similar place, where you get motivated seeing the work of other fellow entrepreneurs. This helps you grow faster and become successful faster. Sometimes, fellow entrepreneurs may be your first client!

Networking with Mentors

BIC Startups connects entrepreneurs with mentors so that they can receive mentoring and guidance. Mentors are established entrepreneurs and experts in certain field. Networking with them, and accessing their invaluable expertise will tremendously benefit the entrepreneurs.

Networking with Professionals

BIC Startups conducts trainings and workshops for entrepreneurs and in the meantime, brings in experts and successful entrepreneurs to share their stories. This is a great time to network with the successful entrepreneurs and experts. Your connection at this stage may help you later in your entrepreneurial journey.