Mentoring is a process whereby one person shares his/her knowledge, skills and experience to help others to progress. The person sharing their expertise and experience is known as mentor and the recipient is known as mentee. Mentors work on purely voluntary basis and they acquire satisfaction in the success of their mentees.

What mentoring is and what it isn’t?

Mentoring is not just ‘giving advice’, or passing on what your experience was in a particular area or situation. It is all about motivating and empowering the other person to identify their own issues, goals, problems and method of resolving those issues or problems. Mentors help their mentees, not by doing it for them, or expecting them to do it the way they did it, but by understanding and respecting different ways of working. Mentors help mentees come up with their own answers and solutions.

Mentors at BIC Startups

BIC Startups have a network of established entrepreneurs and professionals of Bharatpur, who are available to mentor the young entrepreneurs.

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