Entrepreneurial Opportunities and Challenges in Manufacturing Sector

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Pratik Karki

Founder -Awakening Dreams

CEO – Canaveda Company Pvt Ltd (Nepal and Europe)

Founder-Dream Structures Worldwide

The tenth session on ‘Entrepreneurship Talk Series’ was conducted on 3rd of May, 2020 at 3 PM. The speaker for the session was Mr. Pratik Karki, the founder of Awakening Dreams, CEO of Canaveda Company Pvt Ltd and Founder of Dream Structures Worldwide. The topic of discussion was “Entrepreneurial Opportunities and Challenges in the Manufacturing Sector”. There were 100 participants in the online zoom session and 30 participants in live videos shared on the Facebook page of BIC Startups and Skill Lab.

Mr. Karki shared his experiences on the Hemp industry which motivated the potential entrepreneurs through his idea of breaking the stereotypes the youth are facing today. He also mentioned that Nepal has a very favourable environment as compared to many developed countries for hemp production but the legal hurdles have hindered us from benefiting from this precious plant. He focused on how discovering yourself is extremely important in life and why you should have that “change the world” attitude and fill in the gaps to make the world a better place.

He presented an idea regarding entrepreneurship that it is all about “changing the world” by solving the problems out there and by finding the loopholes and filling the gaps. It’s about focusing on making this world a better place. Money comes following once you attain these attributes. So, building the right mentality is important irrespective of the field you work on. Based upon his personal experiences and insights he explained how hemp and hemp related industries have huge potential in the world market and also made the audience aware about its skyrocketing growth of demand.

Mr Karki reflected on his past and related his story with the importance of self discovery, intention in life, purpose and vision in personal as well as professional life. He stated the importance of building a strong bond between team members and highlighted how to build strong spiritual connections, values, principle and ethics among partners and team members. He also discussed how we can attain economies of scale, quality improvement, and better supply chain management along with time. Business will have its highs and lows, and adapting to the situations will keep the business going. There’s no alternative to adapting your business to the evolving contingency.

In a nutshell, the event was well received by the participants and curious minds based upon the feedback received.

-By Utsav Sapkota

Utsav is the Program Assistant at BIC Startups and MBA 3rd Trimester student at Boston International College.

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