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10 Weeks Startup Challenge

WeekTopicDateTime Remarks
1Introduction to Incubation and EntrepreneurshipApril 6, 2020 Monday 3:00 – 6:00 PMCompleted
2Lean Startup & Business Model Canvas April 153:00 – 5:00 PM Completed

Lean Startup & Business Model Canvas – WorkshopApril 163:00 – 4:00 PMCompleted
3Idea Generation And Validation  April 203:00 – 5:00 PMCompleted

Idea Generation And Validation – WorkshopApril 213:00 – 4:00 PMCompleted
4Business Plan And Market Research April 273:00 – 5:00 PM Completed

Business Plan And Market Research – WorkshopApril 283:00 – 4:00 PMCompleted
5Market Research & Consumer Persona
May 43:00 – 5:00 PM Completed

Market Research & Consumer Persona – WorkshopMay 53:00 – 4:00 PMCompleted
6Legal & Administrations,Communication And Dissemination May 183:00 – 5:00 PM Completed

Legal & Administration – WorkshopMay 193:00 – 4:00 PMCompleted
7 Product Development  May 253:00 – 5:00 PM Completed

Entrepreneurship Talk Series

S NoSeries TopicSpeakerDate & TimeObjectivesStatusNews Coverage Link
1How to leverage the current Corona Times for Entrepreneurship and What Lesson can we learn for future.Ms. Thryza Dow, CEO, BlincVenture
Based out of Mumbai (confirmed)
April 3, Friday
4:00 PM
► Inform and educate the participants about HOW and WHAT processes these entrepreneurial ventures brought in place?
► Is it Work from Home or Completely shut down.
► Inform and educate, how did the GIFT of TIME, is supporting these functioning enterprises.
Completed (79 Participants at peak)N/A
2Innovating the business model for Brick & Mortar Ventures?Ms. Kavyaa Rizal
Creative Director
Utopia (confirmed)
April 5, Sunday
11 :00 AM
► Inform about how ventures can increase their flexibility and curb down the non-value adding activities.
► To create awareness about how technology can significantly disrupt the brick & mortar ventures.
► Inform about various models on staying lean and agile – Practicing Juggad Innovation in the context of Nepal.
Completed (60 Participants at peak)N/A
3Leveraging Digital Tools for Brand Building and MarketingMr. Anup Ghimire, Founder/CEO- ViewfindersApril 7, Tuesday
5:00 PM
► To inform and educate the participants about what tools and techniques the organizations can use for brand building and visibility
► Understanding how companies can still work towards building brands and gear up marketing efforts for customer acquisition
Completed (80 Participants at Peak)N/A
4Leading during and through the time of CrisisMr. Shailendra Jha, Recruitment & Selection Director,Teach for Nepal (confirmed)April 9, Thursday
5:00 PM
► To inform and educate, the role leaders play during the crisis in engaging, keeping the spirit alive and sailing through for shared goals.
► Understanding what goal to set, who to pass on the charge and foster collaboration in the given context.
► How leadership engages people safely by building a psychologically and emotionally safer work environment.
Completed (80 Participants at Peak)N/A
5Problem Solving and Growth MindsetMs. Mona Aditya
Alumni Affairs Manager, Teach for Nepal
April 14, Tuesday
5:00 PM
► To have an understanding of what is problem solving mindset.
► To educate how problem solving mindset can affect growth of companies as well as career of individuals.
► To build an understanding about how it’s integral part of our daily lives.
► Relevant examples from across the industries/sectors
Completed (35 participants Participated)N/A
6Prospects and Challenges of IT Entrepreneurship in NepalSixit Bhatta,
CEO/ Co-founder of Tootle

April 16, Thursday
4:00 PM
► To inform and educate the audiences about the different opportunities presented by the IT sector especially in the context of the aftermath of COVID19.
► To discuss in which sectors IT Startups has huge potential.
► To discuss the challenges of IT Entrepreneurship in Nepal and what measures should be taken to tackle them.
► Policy issues regards to IT Entrepreneurs; what hinders their registration and growth.
Completed (68 participants at peak)
7Role of Chitwan Industries Association in Promoting EntrepreneurshipRaju Poudel, Chairman, Chitwan Association of Industries (Confirmed)April 23, Thursday
4:00 PM
► To have an understanding of the current scenario of entrepreneurship in Chitwan.
► To have an understanding of the activities, programs and initiatives that CAI conducts in order to promote entrepreneurship.
► To discuss what roles can CAI play in the future in promoting entrepreneurship.
(35 participants at peak)
8Startup Ideas in Gift & CelebrationsSantosh Pandey, Co-founder of Offering Happiness
April 26, Sunday
3:00 PM
► To have an understanding of startup ideas in gift and celebrations
► To know about the scope of celebrations and how we can continue to serve customers during this crisis
► To discuss the challenges of the industry of gifts and celebrations
Completed (60 Participants at peak)
9Covid-19: Impact on Entrepreneurial OpportunitiesParshuram Kunwar Chhetri, CEO of Global IME BankApril 30, Thursday
5:00 PM
► To have an understanding of the financial aspects of COVID 19
► To know the entrepreneurial opportunities and their changing trend in the new scenario
Completed (100 Participants at peak, 300 Participants on Live Video)
10Entrepreneurial opportunity and challenges in Manufacturing sectorPratik KarkiMay 3, Sunday
3:00 PM
► To have an understanding of the various opportunities in manufacturing sector of Nepal
► To know the entrepreneurial challenges of manufacturing sector in terms of high fixed asset investement, long pay-back period and so on.
Completed (100 Participants at peak, 30 Participants on Live Video)
11How to PIVOT the Business during CrisisLalit GautamMay 7, Thursday
3:00 PM
► To know how businesses can be modified/pivoted to adjust with the changing situation
► To benefit from the pivoting strategy by developing a clear understanding about it
Completed (70 participants at peak)
12Managing Cashflow during a Period of Crisis
Subarna Paudel
CEO, Emerging Nepal
May 10, Sunday
3:00 PM
► To learn the importance of cash flow management
► To have an understanding of the cashflow management practices during crisis
► To build resilience and sustainability through effective cash flow management
Completed (75 participants at peak)
13Social EntrepreneurshipNabuuma Shamim Kaliisa, Social EntrepreneurMay 14, Thursday
3:00 PM
► To have a sound understanding of social entrepreneurship
► To educate audience why social entrepreneurship is important and how we can venture social business
► To have an idea of different areas or sectors suitable for venturing social business
Completed (100 participants at peak)
14Opportunities & Challenges of Film Industry in NepalSurakshya Panta,
May 15, Friday
3:00 PM
► To have an understanding of film industry and entrepreneurial opportunities in this creative sector
► To educate audience the challenges of film industry and why it is not suitable for everyone
► To have a deep appreciation of different types of startups ideas we can come up within film industry sector
Completed (95 participants at peak)
15Can customer service be the core competency of the company?Roshan Ghimire, Country Coordinator – International Development InstituteMay 17, Sunday
3:00 PM
► To learn how customer service can be a used as a strategy for competition
► To have an understanding about the core competencies and how it is related to customer service
► To nurture the idea of customer service for achieving success
Completed (75 participants at peak)
16Branding a BusinessBilal Ahmed Shah,
Founder & CEO, Latido Leathers
May 21, Thursday
3:00 PM
► To know the roles and importance of branding in entrepreneurship
► To understand why entrepreneurs fail because of their branding mistakes
► To have a sound knowledge about how to brand a business
Completed (55 participants at peak)

Regular Class for Students

S NoClassDateTimeRemarks
1Entrepreneurship ClassMarch 2510:00 – 11:00 AMCompleted
2Operations ManagementMarch 2611:00 – 12:30 PMCompleted
3Entrepreneurship Joint Class (with Puspa Sir and Students from both Section A & B)March 2911:20 – 12: 20Completed
4Operations Management – Numerical ClassApril 311:00 – 12: 30 PMCompleted
5Operations Management – Numerical ClassApril 811:00 – 12:00Students tried to create problem by writing on the screen

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