About Us

Business incubation is a process of providing added support to potential entrepreneurs who have business ideas. These ideas may be incomplete, not well defined and not well planned and therefore have higher possibility of failure. The role of business incubation is to provide the startup entrepreneurs with the much needed mentoring, guidance, technical and financial support as well as advice to implement their startups ideas and turn them into business ventures.

Boston International College has initiated an incubation center under the name “BIC Startups” which will provide its support to the potential entrepreneurial talents of Bharatpur city along with the students of Boston International College.

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Our Vision

We envision to create an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Bharatpur Metropolitan City.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help the entrepreneurs realize their dreams by providing them office space, financial support, networking support, mentoring and trainings through workshops.


Aims & Objectives

  • To develop a world class business incubation centre within Boston College.
  • To provide all sorts of support to entrepreneurial talents of Bharatpur during the phase of ideation, concept development, product development and pilot implementation of their startup projects.
  • To connect the entrepreneurs with investors including both angel investors and venture capitalists. The college will provide the seed fund to the eligible teams.
  • To bridge the gap between education and industry and build up entrepreneurial ecosystem in Bharatpur city.


Incubation Center is similar to a business laboratory (lab) that holds due importance for any business school. It complements the academic education through connection with the industry as well as pushes students to the real work environment (field). Incubation center is important to transform theoretical knowledge (in the form of business idea) into practical application (business venture). BIC Startups is a valuable institution for the community of Bharatpur.

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Scope & Limitation

Incubation center doesn’t guarantee the success of any business ideas and therefore, it should be considered as a support platform for budding entrepreneurs. Although it provides some trainings, workshops, and capacity building programs the benefits of these programs will be limited to the extent the entrepreneur utilizes them for his/her personal growth. The primary focus of the center is to foster the development of entrepreneurial talents so that they can excel in their business pursuit.

Building of the Incubation Center

Building of the full-fledged incubation center is being planned at Boston College and soon there will be a separate building that will provide creative workspace for innovative and entrepreneurial students. Once the building is completed, the programs of the incubation center will be organised in full swing.



Application is open for the cohort of 2020. The enthusiastic students from Boston, other colleges and the community are welcome to apply with their business idea, team member details and their expectation from the incubation center in implementing their business idea.